What stands out for me is the care the staff and Dr. Schafer demonstrate. It is so refreshing to be greeted warmly and welcomed. I continue to be very happy with Dr. Schafer’s knowledge and skills. It’s an impressive place. I trust Dr. Schafer completely. He has skills and knowledge that surpasses any dentist I known and the staff are supportive and helpful.

- Wendy R. 1/25/18

I've had some high-class dentists, but none nearly as good as Paul Schafer. Highly recommend him. He has a great sense of humor as well.

- Harriet B. 1/2/18

All I can say is that helped me out in my hour of need. I thank you for taking me in on such short notice to help me with my emergency. Dr. Schafer is outstanding in every way.

- Linda M. 12/30/17

Absolutely the best expertise and experience!

- Anjie G. 12/14/17

Excellent service, both professionally and technically!

- Joe 11/19/17

Always a great experience. Very skillful and experienced.

- Glen K. 9/25/17

We are so happy we found your practice and to have a staff that cares so much about is patients is wonderful.

- Janet M. 9/20/17

I was so relaxed, I fell asleep in the chair! Great work, beautiful result, and with Dr. Schafer's team, it's actually a pleasure to "have to" go to the dentist. I'll bet other dentists don't hear that very often! Plus, I always learn something when I go, which officially makes it a good day. ;-)

- Nancy L. 8/4/17

GREAT results on my teeth whitening!! Even if I did fall asleep in the chair again. It's ALWAYS a pleasure to come to your office! I'll bet not many dentists have ever heard that from a patient, but it's true..

- Nancy L. 8/12/17

Great! Such personal experts in the dentistry field. My teeth are in wonderful shape because of this dentist and his staff.

- David G. 9/08/2016

Always the best! Who can say they actually LIKE going to their dentist? I CAN! Very efficient, always very thorough, and friendly.

- David G. 8/18/17

I always receive professional care and courtesy.

- Juanita S. 07/16/2017

Another phenomenal experience thanks to Dr. Schafer and his dental team! The hygienist did an amazing job during my hygiene appointment and made sure I stayed well-informed about what was happening in my mouth and what I could do about it. Then I had an appointment for some fillings, which made me nervous btw - not their fault, I just had previous bad experiences. They handled my insecurities with professionalism and humor. I can barely tell where I had my teeth filled because Dr. Schafer and his assistant did such a great job. Dr. Schafer used his microscope to find and monitor any tiny spots. I'm SO glad I can finally TRUST a dentist when it comes to diagnosing dental treatment. Dr. Schafer is big on prevention and education and that's something I can stand behind. Thanks again everyone!!

- Emmeline L. 07/02/2017

Awesome - Dr. Schafer is a pro's pro, and his hygienist is outstanding. Whole staff are terrific. Works well with my insurance. Finally feel I'm getting the right level of dental care.

- Mark G. 06/23/2017

Extra sensitive patient found an extra sensitive (In a good way) dentist in Dr. Schafer! His assistant Miguel is also a good listener and observer. Great support staff. Good people all the way around.

- Jenny M. 06/04/2017

Dr. Schafer is a perfectionist and uses an overhead microscope so his work on my teeth is precise and flawless. That's the only kind of dentist I want working on my teeth! He has a way of giving shots that don't hurt so much and he and his assistant keep me entertained with stories and jokes so I'm not so freaked out. They have a great selection of magazines in the waiting room but I never wait long enough to get to read any of them.

- Ginny W. 05/28/2017

Dr. Schafer and his staff are the best! Being one who is nervous about injections, I can say Dr Schafer is a master at virtuallly painless injections!

- Audrey.V. 04/30/2017

The only dentist I will ever go to. Kind caring exceptional.

- Pamela H. 04/07/2017

I had a dental cleaning followed by a filling in two hours. Fast, efficient, entertaining and a great crew overall. Highly recommend!

- Krik K. 03/27/17

Apart from being one hell of a dentist, (I’ve been in and out of his door quite a few times in the last 8 years.) Dr. Schafer also knows more jokes than any other dentist I have ever met.

- Dorte N. 03/17/2017

Always a great experience. No one could nicer or supportive. Thanks for everything over the years.

- Pamela A. 03/05/2017

Have had work done and had one of the best, informative, painless experience I've ever had. Explanations of the process, and telling me what's going on, make Dr Schafer's visit wonderful!

- Jim S. 02/17/2017

Been using Dr. Schafer for years. He is everything I expect from a dentist. Makes it very clear on what he going to do and why. No surprises! Front desk is spot on with the insurance end of the business as well.

- Chris B. 01/17/2017

The front office staff is extremely courteous and professional. His assistant Miguel is a friendly, knowledgeable and attentive dental assistant with a pleasant sense of humor. Oh, and the Dr. Paul is amazing, so competent and caring! Thank you!

- Joseph C. 06/19/2016

Dr. Schafer and staff were wonderful. Professional, fun, and extremely thorough. All the positive reviews I have read are true. I have been searching for a dentist since moving to this area, and I am so pleased to have found this place.

- Samson N. 05/27/2016

Appointment went very smoothly with explanations of what was going on all the while. Crown fits beautifully. Much concern for my comfort.

- Kate S. 04/03/2016